To create the Rubric for the Acrostic poem I first found a lesson plan about Acrostic Poem. I then tailored the lesson plan to what I specifically wanted to do.  Once I knew what I wanted the project to look like I used Rubistar to create the rubric for the project. Rubistar lets you create a specific rubric for a specific class or project. Once you have the type of rubric you want to create you can choose the different categories you want to grade the students on. From those categories Rubistar automatically picks criteria to get a 4, 3, 2, or 1. If you do not like what Rubistar put you the website allows you to change the criteria to what you want.  Once I created the rubric on Rubistar I then put it into Excel. Excel then let me edit the rubric. I was able to continue to add criteria into the rubric if I forgot to on Rubistar or delete items.

Rubistar will be very helpful in the classroom because it will allow me to create rubrics for the different assignments I give my students. I can use Rubistar as my template and then add or delete what I want or don’t want. If I want to create my own rubric I can still use Rubistar to help give me ideas on what I should grade the assignment on.  Excel will help me to finalize my rubric by being able to edit it to exactly what I want it to say. Excel will also allow me to save my rubric onto my computer so I can use it again.