Claude Monet

Intended for Grades 6-8

Developed by: Jenna Caler


Students, today you will be researching Claude Monet's artwork as we begin our Impressionist painting unit. Therefore, you will gain an appreciation for this artist, his influence in the art world, and his technique of painting. In order to complete this assignment you will need a computer, art reproductions, and other media sources. So get ready to dig deep into Claude Monet's life!


Who is Claude Monet? Have you ever heard of him? What does his artwork look like? Claude Monet is a French Impressionist painter who loved to paint landscapes. He was the artist who gave Impressionism its name.

In order for you to gain the necessary information for this WebQuest there will be words or full sentences that will be highlighted and underlined blue. Those words or sentences are hyperlinked to websites that give you the exact information that you will need in order to answer the questions. In order to open the hyperlinks just right click the word or sentence and go to open hyperlink.


All of you have been given a critical analysis sheet as well as a worksheet to write your answers.  Plus, each student has to write a summary of the overall information that they have discovered from this Webquest.

The worksheets will be graded as to how much effort and thought were put into the answers. Click here for worksheet.

The critical analysis will be graded as to how much effort, thought, and correct use of art vocabulary were put into the answers. Click here for the worksheet.

The summary will be graded on as to how much effort and thought were put in it as well.

In this Webquest all of your information is provided by words that are highlighted and underlined in blue. Therefore, none of you have to search the web to find information it is all here!

Each student will be working individually during this Webquest. However, I do not discourage students sharing their opinions and ideas about Monet's artwork.


Your task for this assignment is to research Claude Monet and answer the questions that I have provided as a guide. You will then write a summary about the new information you have learned after completing the WebQuest.

Where and when was Claude Monet birth and death?

Give a brief overview of Monet's early life.

What is the title of Monet's painting that gave Impressionism its name?

What is Impressionism?

Look at numerous paintings by Claude Monet and write down some of the reoccurring characteristics of his artwork.

What specific subject is Monet most famous for painting?

Who was the woman that modeled for Monet? What resulted from their relationship?

What is your favorite or least favorite artwork by Monet? How does his artwork make you feel?

Critique one of Monet's paintings, of your choice and remember to use art vocabulary in your critique! (Use your critical analysis)


30 Points

20 Points

10 Point

0 Points



Answers all questions using correct art vocabulary

Answers majority of questions uses art vocabulary incorrectly

Answers a few questions and uses art vocabulary incorrectly

Does not answer any of the questions

WebQuest Worksheet

Answers all questions thoroughly

Answers majority of questions could be more thorough

Answers a few questions not very thorough

Does not fill out the worksheet

WebQuest Summary

Provides clear summary of information about Claude Monet

Provides somewhat clear summary of information about Claude Monet

Provides unclear summary of information about Claude Monet

Does not write a summary

A=90-80 B=70-60 C=50-30 D=20-10

 No Points is Failing


Where your ideas or opinions of Claude Monet or Impressionism changed during this activity?

Did you like working by yourselves or would you have preferred groups?

Did any problems arise while doing this Webquest?

Did you enjoy this assignment?

Was this Webquest more entertaining than me lecturing?

Do you feel more knowledgeable about Impressionist painting and Claude Monet?



"Color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment" - Claude Monet